General Translation


In daily life, and perhaps even more particularly in a tourist region like the Dordogne (we are based in Périgueux and Bergerac) the need for translations is all around us. Heritage, tourism, leisure, food, entertainment, food & wine… A local population keen to share its beautiful region and visitors eager to discover an area can only benefit from increased mutual understanding. 

We both have degrees in literature (Resume Prudence, Resume Anne) and a lot of writing experience (newspapers, magazines, books…) but above all, we share an innate love of words and language.

Our translations of general documents are elegantly and accurately written in a style appropriate to the subject matter. We handle:

  • Brochures, leaflets, posters, event flyers, schedules;
  • Newsletters (print and digital), guidebooks, travel guides;
  • Websites, blog material;
  • Heritage site-related biographical or historical works.