Our experience as consecutive interpreters is essentially, although not exclusively, legal.

We regularly work with the courts and cases for which we have interpreted range from divorce hearings in front of the Family Court Judge through traffic offences before the tribunal correctionnel to murder, tried in the cour d’assises.

We frequently accompany clients to meetings with their lawyers to prepare a case, whether civil or criminal.

The police also call us on a regular basis and this is often where people skills become as important as language skills. Our years of experience help us deal with what is rarely a comfortable situation for the person involved, making it as easy as possible for all concerned.

Purchasing a house is another area in which we are much sought after.  The procedure in France is very different from that in the UK for instance, and help in negotiating it – when there is a lot of money at stake – is often very welcome.

It is obligatory to be accompanied by a sworn interpreter at a civil marriage ceremony in France if one or more party does not speak the language – just to make sure you know what you are signing up to!

In these types of situations, school-level French, which may well stand you in good stead in daily life, does not quite cut the mustard and, to be absolutely sure that nothing gets lost in translation, it might well be wise to contact us