Specialised Translation


Administrative and Civil Status Documents 

Birth, death & marriage certificates, divorce (Decree Absolute) and adoption papers, change of name by deed poll, driving licences, police records, visa application documents (Apostille, proof of income/residence, medical insurance, work certificates etc.).

Academic and Professional Qualifications 

University diplomas, school reports, reference letters, academic transcripts, personal statements, vocational diplomas (e.g. City & Guilds) etc.

Legal Documents 

Civil and criminal court decisions, divorce rulings, summons, notifications, writs served by court bailiff, wills, probate and estate administration; powers of attorney, affidavits, property transactions, leases, contracts (confidentiality, non-disclosure, employment, provision of services, mortgage, licences; settlement agreements, pre-nuptial agreements) etc.


Corporate communication and statements, internal policies, press releases, websites, international business correspondence, job descriptions, contracts, incentive plans, terms of sale/use, licenses, company registration certificates, memorandums of association, annual reports, EU funding applications. Presentations, technical documents, product information sheets, advertising and promotional material, label information.


As a former winemaker, Prudence also specialises in translations relating to the world of wine.  Vinification methods, viticultural techniques and practices, marketing material, tasting notes …